Our Team

Meet the NX team

Often known as the Netizen, we are a group of people who come from diverse backgrounds including business design engineering social science and all our team members are able to speak at least 2 different languages fluently. Our enthusiasm for User Experience has brought us together to make the web a better place through our user-centered approaches. We've been providing UX & analytics expertise to forward-thinking companies in Malaysia Singapore Hong Kong China Taiwan Thailand Indonesia Vietnam Philippines

Alvin Chai
UX Consultant
Alvin is the principal consultant of Netizen Experience, apart from running the research division, he is also a guest author for an online Asian tech news portal on the subject of user testing & research. Besides, he also conducts training workshops for companies so that they are empowered to build better and more user friendly products through user research and testing. He helps companies to understand why people are leaving their website/apps and how to fix them. Alvin is a foodie and likes experimental food projects.
Wee Li
UX Consultant
Wee Li was previously a trained engineer who worked for a multinational company and has been providing consultancy services to enterprises since 2011 and currently leads the enterprise client support team. He is a guest lecturer at National University of Singapore (NUS) on the subject of user testing and user research. He also runs workshops to help product teams to understand their users and build better products. Wee Li is a big supporter of soccer since young.
Mike Wong
Software Engineer
Mike has years of experience doing UX with the company and he believes that a good UX researcher requires great attention to detail. He honed such skills from working as a professional engineer previously in 2 multinational companies. Since being with Netizen, he has been engaged in multiple projects that have helped various companies to improve their user experience. If you have an interest in hiking, rock climbing, or diving, you would find a great company with Mike.
Selina Lai
User Researcher
Selina enjoys communicating user research findings to enhance the user interaction with digital products. Her meticulousness in analysing usability issues provides helpful insights to the research team. Selina also has a keen eye and assists in the design process. She is also a music lover and follows her idols closely.
UX Designer
Pradeep is passionate about creating experiences that are delightful and at same time usable for the users. He leads design projects with a focus on user testing and data driven iteration. His role as a UX Designer sees him working on information architecture design, interaction design and front end development.
Mei Wui
UX Designer
Mei Wui designs experience with empathy. Despite of her background in user interface design, she loves exploring approaches that contribute in crafting a meaningful design for people. She believes that a great design can empower people to do things better, faster, easier and happier. Salmon is always her favourite food!
Ee Ying
User Researcher
With a degree majoring in psychology, Ee Ying enjoys understanding people and their behaviour. At the same time, she enjoys analyzing numbers and making use of statistical data. She believes that subjective and objective opinions from the people are equally as important to help the industry improve and prosper. She loves the beach and Redang Island is her second home.
Pei Lin
Software Engineer
With a background in cognitive science, Pei Lin enjoys studying human behaviour and bridging the human computer interaction through programming. You will see her picking up new skills from time to time, as "learning is a lifelong process" is her mantra. Apart from sharpening her programming skills, she loves taking sunset photos.
Nadirah Ayuni
User Researcher
Although originally from the food science and nutrition field, Nadirah enjoys learning about the interactions between online users and the digital world. She enjoys looking at the different reactions users have when they interact with digital products, and believes that user research is essential in order to build products that are user friendly. During her free time she enjoys experimenting on food and baking up a storm in the kitchen.
Ee Lin
User Researcher
Psychology graduate with a reserved demeanor that favors pragmatism over emotion. Ee Lin enjoys using her strong academic understanding in human behavior as well as her trained research skills toward her observations to optimize a situation. Also, she appreciates logical reasoning and complex problem solving. Therefore, she approaches her life by analyzing the theory behind what she see and applying them to a project or idea in depth alongside concentrated effort to achieve her goals. She is a foodie perfectionist who has very high standard towards food.
Xiao Yan
User Researcher
With a background in Industrial and Applied Statistics, Xiao Yan applies her skills to make sense of user behaviour through digital analytics. She enjoys dealing with numbers and transforming digital data into useful business insights for client’s business. Apart from that, she loves swimming and Winnie the Pooh is her favourite character!
Wai Yee
User Researcher
Wai Yee has a strong interest in human-computer interaction and human factors. She is ardent about improving user interactions with digital products, by ensuring the products meet the users' expectations. She has done extensive user research on how different type of clothing fastener designs affect the usability for elderly users. She has experience in conducting usability tests with a range of products from healthcare, e-commerce to banking apps. During her time off, she likes to watch movies and enjoys nature walks.
Poh Xiang
Software Engineer
With a degree in electrical and computer systems engineering, Poh Xiang develops digital products that fulfil both user and business needs. He spends his time solving programming challenges. Aside from that, he enjoys watching movies with mind-blowing plot twists.
Vania Wong
Client Engagement Specialist
Ancora Imparo (‘I am still learning’) a mantra Vania picked up at her alma mater. Learning never stops, regardless of who, what, when or where. It is with this mindset, she takes on life with confidence and grace. Coming from a background in IT, she is no stranger to technology’s reign in modern day life but she also an old soul who still prefers to write with a pen and paper. She believes good communication is key in life, and good UX is the key to an effective communication in virtual life. She has a great love for music, food, arts, and all the beauty in life.
Harmony Tan
Software Engineer
With a degree in biomedical engineering majoring in prosthetics and orthotics, Harmony cares deeply about providing products and services that can improve the user’s quality of life. She has experience in producing assistive devices for persons with disabilities and believes that great technology is only as good as its ability to effectively and efficiently interact with its user. Aside from that, she is a big fan of the sci-fi and fantasy genre, loves music, books, and animals.